DIY coasters


I found this great tutorial for DIY coasters when looking for gift ideas for my coworkers last Christmas. Now, with an apartment full of wood furniture and no real coasters, I knew this would be the perfect project, especially considering I already had most of the materials!

For the coasters: ceramic tiles (any hardware store should carry), scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, sponge brush, clear acrylic sealant, cork, and a hot glue gun

Use the tile and measure sizes for scrapbook paper and cork. Make sure to cut both slightly smaller than the tile. If the paper sticks over the edges, it is hard to mod podge down and you don’t want cork visibly hanging out from the sides.

Apply one coat of mod podge on the tile and quickly position the cut scrapbook paper. Put a coat of mod podge on top of the scrapbook paper. Wait 10 minutes and apply a second coat of mod podge. Once you’ve finished this step for all coasters and the second coat is dry, take coasters outside to seal. Spray 3 coats of acrylic sealant, waiting the required amount of time between coats (my sealant required 15 minutes between coats). Leave all coasters outside for at least 24 hours. Once the 24 hours have passed, take your pre-cut cork and glue to the back of the coasters with a hot glue gun. Simple as that!

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